VR Worlds Announce Trailer

Here is the announce trailer for a VR game that I’ve been working on. The track in the trailer was a collaboration with the artist Raffetie. Check it out!

Hardware Rivals Soundtrack

Last week Hardware Rivals was released onto the Playstation Store. It’s a fast paced vehicle combat game with a cool quirky visual style. I had the pleasure of working on the music for the game and it was a lot of fun! Have a listen below to one of the tracks.

Glassware Demo

I recently did a short demo for the guys over at Spitfire using their new Glassware library. You can find the blog post and sample library here … http://www.spitfireaudio.com/glassware_review1.html The library has some really nice sounds and is very versatile. Here’s what I put together using it, enjoy!

Introducing – Project Morpheus

Today Sony unveiled it’s prototype virtual reality(VR) system that works with PlayStation 4. Virtual reality is the next innovation from SCE and i’m really excited to be a part of it. The London Studio has been working on a number of demos for the platform and I’ve been working with them on writing and implementing […]